Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lectures are so last season

Why does it seem that every old person despises any type of curse word?

Yes, I curse. Sometimes it's too much. Sometimes I deem it appropriate.

I do have the right of free speech. So when I say something like, "re-typing my fucking story", and I was really annoyed about something at the time. Like, super annoyed. I don't need some older person commenting on such a thing with "Shame on you for using the f-word, now I need to wash your mouth out with soap".

Because I'm quite sure they've cursed. And I'm sure their kids curse. And quite possibly their grandkids.  I watch my mouth around people I don't know, when I'm at work, around family, and in certain situations or places where it wouldn't be appropriate to say anything worse than "crap".

Besides, I'm pretty sure they're not perfect either. So quit judging. I've already had my grandparents (who are also my employer) censor my other blog. Facebook and this blog won't be censored.

If I'm pissed, you'll know it. If I'm sad, you'll know it. If I'm happy, yep, you'll know it.

Judgers can get off their high horses.


  1. I feel ya. My grandmother hates when I use words that aren't lady like. That includes fart and burp! Ladies don't say that let alone do it.'s so fun being around her. I don't curse much in real life (out loud anyway) because I'm so used to be around kids but when I do you better believe it is warranted!

  2. haha - I remember my mom told me that when she was a kid, my grandmother had her and her brothers use the restroom if they had to burp or fart. lol

  3. i think i am more shocked by what my 96 year old grandmother says more than she is shocked by me! I love that she can still say and do things that make my mouth drop... too bad you have to censor your other blog because of family...